Recall How to Use UNIX/Linux Terminal Tools Using and tldr

It may be happened for you when you want to use a terminal command but you don’t remember how to use it.

Reading Man Pages

You can read the man pages for any command or just use the internal — -help option of any command. But, it’ll be very useful if we could open up a cheatsheet quickly and see how to use that command.

Using Cheatsheets

There are tons of cheatsheets available for many tools and commands. For example if you want to see a quick cheatsheet of the scp command, you can search and probably find something like this.

Keep Them All!

So it would be great if we could have them in one central place. Good news is that there are projects that done this before! So we can have a place for all cheatsheets of terminal tools and even some programming languages like Python!

A Linux terminal page fetching data from using curl
A Linux terminal page fetching data from using curl
Retrieving data from in terminal results in a terminal-friendly output
A terminal window fetching data from
A terminal window fetching data from
Retrieve an intro of Python using

Using Offline Tools

As you may be noticed, is a website, but there are also tools that can be used offline. One of these tools is tldr.

tldr or

You maybe ask this question. The answer is: It depends on you. You can choose which one you prefer. Personally I prefer because it’s simple and has zero dependencies and it is available everywhere. But there isn’t really so much difference between these tools.

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